Monday, October 12, 2009


So, here I was rationalizing that although my diet wasn’t 100% healthy, it really wasn’t a bad diet at all. It wasn’t like I ate a whole lot of sweets or an abundance of food. I do enjoy a good meal and I’m not opposed to all things fried or fast food. Vegetables weren’t abundant but I did occasionally eat vegetables. Fruits however are few and far between. I also don’t typically eat three meals per day. Two seem to suffice and since exercise has become increasingly minimal, I figure less is best.

I got on the scale. Then I fell off the scale. I have hit an all time high. Every ounce of what I’d rationalized has been shot straight to hell. My so-called diet clearly hasn’t worked for me. Neither has avoiding the exercise.

My very special friend signed us both up for a gym membership. We’ve made a pledge to each other to do better.

Two tons ain’t fun but I’d give anything for a plate of fried chicken and a chocolate covered donut. And if you gave me enough time I’m sure I’d be able to rationalize that too.

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