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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I once told an artist friend that her work couldn't sell if she didn't ever show it. I need to take my own advice. I love to paint. It relieves my stress and helps me to write. One of my most favorite people in the whole wide world use to encourage my efforts. I use to love being her student. I aspire to one day be as good. So, here it all is and it's for SALE!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


I have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They are part of my marketing strategy and keep me connected to friends, family, and book fans. Since I stepped up my participation I’ve been “friended” by a number of men. Most are respectful, no malice or ill-intent associated with their connecting. A very select few have actually become great friends that I have much respect for.

Several have “messaged” me to tell me how pretty or beautiful I am. One or two have asked to be “good” friends, wanting to converse about my likes and their own interests. Two men out of Africa were hoping to find a wife. And one or two individuals have just wanted to be my sugar daddy or in one case he was looking for a sugar mama. Typically, once I make it clear that I have a Big Daddy and neither they nor I will ever disrespect my favorite guy, we have no problems.

And then there is that one. I connected with this person on Facebook and only after seeing that he was “friends” with others I was associated with. His first message was nondescript, a simple “hello”. My response was short and sweet, hello back and a line of appreciation for connecting. After that I ignored most of his messages since he didn’t seem capable of taking the hint that I wasn’t interested in what he was offering. And since his messages weren’t frequent I mostly forgot that he existed. Until today.

Today he messaged me with one word: SLUT. Did this fool really just call me a SLUT? And here is where I had some issues.

This man clearly doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know that on the wrong day had he been standing in front of me when he uttered that word that he might have actually lost a testicle. He doesn’t know that my own tongue can be viperous and I would have had no problems verbally castrating him. He doesn’t have a clue that I’m the wrong woman he would want to disrespect because I no longer sit passively by and allow a man to throw barbs at me for his own selfish pleasure. I’m not the woman he wants to play that game with. He will lose and in ways that he can’t begin to fathom.

But then, I wanted to know more about this individual who didn’t think twice about calling me out of my name and so I went to his Facebook page. He is located in the Middle East. His page is filled with racist propaganda against women and others not of his religion. Most of his postings needed to translated and truth be told, knowing what is going on in the world today, his rhetoric might be considered suspect.

We are no longer “friends”. I have blocked him completely but not before sharing one last short and sweet message with him.

I am a wife and mother and grandmother. I love God and although I sometimes struggle with my faith and occasionally fall short, I strive to live a virtuous life. I am a writer. I love what I do and I work hard to do it well. My husband and my sons would not appreciate you calling me a SLUT, any more than you would like some stranger calling your mother or your sister or your wife a bad name. Then again, you might not care. Keep your testicle…this time. Next time trust that you might not be so lucky.