Saturday, November 22, 2014


So, I’m on writing hiatus. I needed a break, some serious time away. The last week has been a non-plotting, non-spellchecking, non-#wheretoplantakiss thinking week. And I desperately needed it. I used the time to catch up on some reading. Well into the first book I realized how much I missed reading. I know that moving forward I need to do a better job of scheduling reading time between the writing times.

I started my reading revelry with The Sound of My Life bySuzette R. Hinton. It’s the inspiring, autobiographical journey of Ms. Hinton’s quest to find her voice. Through personal insights, using the analogy of sound, her story encourages everyone to examine their lives and tune into the sound of their authentic voice. It was eye-opening, a quick read, and indicative of the author’s energy and spirit.
I moved on to As I Live and Breathe by Cassandra BakerDurham. I absolutely adore Cassandra and consider her a friend so I was excited for this story and it did not disappoint. It’s the story of a young woman’s healing journey as she survives kidnapping and rape and regains her life, learning to love again. The story is grounded on a foundation of family and faith and was a delightful read.

My next book was Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith. New to the publishing game, this is Mr. Smith’s first book and he has clearly made his literary mark! It was a gripping political suspense thriller, profoundly thought-provoking with a plot that was unique, dark and disturbing. I loved it!

I then took three days to catch up on Jasmine Cox Larson Bush and Rachel Jackson Adams. Authors Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShondaBillingsley have done it again with their third collaboration Fortune & Fame, reminding us why we love these church first ladies. Although I’m not quite sure I like Rachel. Just when I think I do she does something that grates on my nerves! It took me three days because I decided to re-read Sinners & Saints when I realized I hadn’t read the second installment Friends & Foes. It was great reading that kept me smiling. For me, when it comes to faith-based writing these two women lead the pack.

Last night I closed the book on SINergy by Iris Bolling. This one had me ignoring Big Daddy, MeeMi’s sweet baby, and a long list of things I needed to accomplish. This is the first book in her Brooks Family Values series and all I can say is I love everything about this this family. Iris brought some serious drama topped with some steamy passion. Adept at painting a detailed picture for her readers, I can already see this one on the big screen!

Walter Mosley’s Rose Gold is next on my reading list. After that I want to read Driven by the Drama by Val Daye. Then it’s back to the writing grind. I have to start thinking about my meeting my next deadline. Until then, I plan to thoroughly enjoying my hiatus.