Friday, February 25, 2011



It’s been one roller coaster month and I think the ride has finally slowed down to a point where I can breathe again.

I feel like I wrote two books in two days with barely two minutes to spare. Thankfully it wasn’t that bad but it came close. I did however finish two books, dotting the last "i" and crossing the final "t" just a few days ago. Now I’m going to take a moment to catch up on my reading. I’m behind on my Walter Mosley and I have a few new authors whose works I’m excited to experience.

Next week though it’s back to the grind and another two books to finish in two days, but it really won't be that bad.

Last night I participated in the 2nd Annual African-American Literary Tea hosted by the Town of Cary, NC. The event coordinator, Ms. Sheila Morris was just an absolute delight, as was the program’s moderator, book reviewer Joey Pinkney.

Besides myself, there was two other authors in attendance, Lisa Y. Watson and Dana Sanders Hill. We had the most incredible time. The audience was a spectacular gathering of women and a few men who clearly loved books and reading and they were all interested in the art of writing and the creative processes each author brings to the table. They were so welcoming, embraced us whole-heartedly and for me, just reinforced why I so love to write.

I have much to catch you up on. Valentine’s Day inundated me with stories that I can’t wait to share. There have been some serious raised eye-brow moments in folk’s love lives.

And I cut my hair! I absolutely LOVED cutting my hair this time. It was so liberating! My natural curl is back with a vengeance and growing back out faster than I anticipated. It has taken on a life of its own and I’m excited to see what it plans to do. What I’m certain of is that my hair will never again be the victim of another chemical relaxer. I’m even skeptical about whether or not I will ever color it again.

So, February had its challenges but I can’t complain. I celebrated my birthday in style and appreciated gaining another year, most especially when you consider the alternative.

Life is good. My very special friend continues to remind me how loved I am, my children continue to make me the proudest parent in the world, and on a daily basis I am reminded that the love and support from my family and friends is the best foundation I have to stand on.

I am immensely blessed and as one delightful woman pointed out last night, joy and peace are gleaming all over my spirit.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I am such a sucker for all things cute! May you have a wonderful, happy, much loved Valentine's Day!