Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Maybe you don't recognize what you got between ya thighs
So I'm gonna set you right
And I'm starting here tonite
Shine like the moon
And strong like the sea
More expensive than money, more valuable than anything
Juicy mango summer peach
Make a lame man walk and a full man hungry...


Monday, June 27, 2011


The next Stallion book, Matthew Stallion’s story, has undergone a name change. When Matthew’s story drops in May 2012, the title of the book will be SEDUCED BY A STALLION.

The working title for Matthew’s story was Stallion Heat but the powers in charge decided that it did not convey the full essence of the story and a new name was born. After some deep reflection I had to agree because Matthew Stallion is in a whole class of his own. Each of the Stallion men bring their own unique skill sets to the table but Matthew’s undeniable charms, self-confident swagger, rugged good looks, and sex appeal have him leading the pack!

Coming in August 2012 is another Stallion story, one with a twist that I’m sure will have Stallion fans reeling. Even I didn’t see this coming!! SEDUCED BY A STALLION brings some serious heat, but FOREVER A STALLION escalates that even higher.

So, no matter what their names, the Stallion stories on tap will shoot romance sky high. The sex is hot, on point, hot, and deeply satisfying. Solid story lines and some of my best writing make SEDUCED BY A STALLION and FOREVER A STALLION, two stories you will not want to miss.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I admit to being a tad behind the times when it comes to most things technical. I’ve blown up one computer too many and each time I’ve always been a day late on backing up my files. Okay, so maybe a few days, maybe even weeks (translated into months) late. I’ve been blessed though that I’ve only lost data one, maybe two times, which should have taught me a lesson. But as my dear mother has often said, a hard head makes for a soft ass, but I digress.

My computer came back this week, in one piece, functioning beautifully, with all of my files intact. I had to say a prayer of thanks for that because not having backed up the way I know I should I was a tad scared.

Knowing how I am, my favorite guy has put me on a backup schedule which includes scanning documents, flash drives, and emailing file updates to myself so they’re stored on an outside server. It all works nicely when done correctly, but again, hard head. I am getting better though despite what others may think.

I only have a few weeks left on my current cell phone contract and I’m excited at the prospect of updating my very practical cell phone to one of those new smart phones. The challenge however is trying to decide which phone I want. It becomes a bit much when you consider all the new options that come with being in the here and now.

It reminds me of a proposal I submitted to an editor a few years back. The character needed to make a telephone call with no prospects for such in sight The editor emailed me back to ask why he didn’t have a cell phone because, as she pointed out, everyone had a cell phone. But back then, in the very rural community where I was living, such things were an anomaly. I didn’t have a cell phone, few of my neighbors had one, and not many folks in town were concerned with being in the know. That was a big city thing. Oh, how that has since changed!

So, as I played in the AT&T store today, comparing their latest and greatest to Verizon’s, T-Mobile’s, and Sprints, I couldn’t help but question whether or not this new technology is all it’s cracked up to be. Then I pulled up the YouTube video of my latest book trailer on one of those iPhones. A delightful couple watching it over my shoulder ordered a copy right then and there on their own device. A whole new level of cool!

I may be a tad behind now but I’m thinking it won’t take me long to catch up at all. Not at all!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Y’all just knew I couldn’t give up my reality show addiction! Withdrawal didn’t even get a chance to set in good before I was back at it.

So let me tell you what has my attention!

• The Glee Project – Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!! Talented young people who can sang! It just gives me goose bumps!

• Single Ladies – A VH1 hit from start to finish! Girlfriends meets Sex In The City, with a colorful cast and some of the best lines I wish I’d written myself. LOVE it!

• The Voice – Making bald absolutely beautiful, I want to see Frenchie Davis and Beverly McClellan go right to the top of the charts! Not only can these two women sing but they both have thebest spirits!!!! I also have a thing for that cutie, Javier Colon.

The judges, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christine Aguilera and Cee Lo Green are great too. Plus I adore Cee Lo with his candy-looking self, coming off like a milk dud one week and a red M&M the next! Just too sweet!

• Real Housewives of New Jersey – I know…(shaking my head)…it’s just such a guilty pleasure to see folks acting like fools and thinking there is absolutely nothing wrong with their bad behavior. I was indifferent to the Orange County cast and New York was just plain irritating. But I like the Jersey girls and I so want the Atlanta wives to come back.

• Million Dollar Decorators – it’s a decorating show, with outrageous budgets and decorators with outrageous attitudes who just make the prettiest rooms! What’s not to like?

• Platinum Hit – once again it speaks to my creative spirit! It’s writing with music!

And last, but definitely not least,

• So You Think You Can Dance! - And no, every time I watch those kids slip, slide, and swing around that stage, I know that what I do is as far from dancing as one can possibly get. But I do have hope and I love to twist and turn and tap and pretend I can do the do.

So, I’m hooked for the summer. Again. But on the upside...

I am writing! One book down, two more to go.

And reading! Just finished Kathryn Stockett’s THE HELP, ICE: A MEMOIR OF GANGSTER LIFE AND REDEMPTION by Ice-T, PYM by Mat Johnson, and PERFECT PEACE by Daniel Black.

And I am having an absolute blast!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am more comfortable behind a camera than in front of one. I have never liked having my picture taken. I am not photogenic and it is probably every one out of a hundred shots that I actually like and am comfortable with sharing. Many a photo shoot has been a complete and total waste of time and money.

I get a fair number of requests for pictures. Many of those requests are legit. A few have been questionable. Most are completely ignored and the few that are fulfilled usually get an image taken some time ago.

Social networking is making it much harder for me to hide. I cringe at family events when someone pulls out a camera to snap a shot, fearful that an image likened to Quasimodo will tag me on Facebook or Twitter before the party is even over.

My last driver’s license photo is one of my favorites. I dread the thought of renewing my license and losing that image for one that will probably have my face twisted. I like my passport photo as well. That one’s good for a few years and I’m happy about that.

But I need a new headshot and none that I’ve taken in the last few months is working for me. Through no fault of the photographers, I have not liked any of the images. Because I hate having my picture taken and it shows each time I do.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Kryptonite strikes again! I blew up another computer. Some of you may remember that this is my fifth computer. My fifth computer in the last year! I have completely decimated multiple hard drives, been attacked and infected by some viruses from hell and this time it seems that I cracked the screen on my brand new laptop. Darn thing looked like an abstract painting gone bad.

With another computer down family and friends have taken to hiding theirs the minute I step into the room. If I even attempt to mutter the words, “may I borrow…”, folks seem to disappear like vapor. My favorite was the kid who said, “don’t even think about asking” as he held up his fingers in the sign of a cross.


So, with my computer down I’m back to pen and paper and it’s not working for me the way I need it to.


I’m thinking I need an intervention of some kind, maybe a hard drive exorcism, some voodoo incantation, or a talisman to ward off the demon that continues to strike every time my fingers hit the keyboard.

And I need it quick, before my computer gets back from being serviced!