Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, while I'm waiting for my soup and next massage, I took a quick break from writing to surf the internet and play a few games. I came upon this on author Nichelle Tramble's blog and I figured, what the heck? It's not like I had a whole lot of anything else to do.

The band I never had was ZACHAR BAY and the album was EVERYBODY HAS ITS ART...

I actually like the band name, the album title, and the cover. For some weird reason though I get the impression that it would be some New Age genre with a lot of string instruments and humming. That might not be too cool.

So, what the heck, give it a try and tell me about your band!

Click HERE - The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

Click HERE - The last four or five words of the very LAST quote is your album title.

Click HERE - The third picture here, no matter what it is, is your album cover.


So much for best laid plans….I am sick as a dog. I woke up sick the morning I was supposed to leave for my birthday getaway. Needless to say, I didn’t go anywhere but to my bed and that was after my visit to the hospital emergency room.

I hate being sick and right now I look like I’ve been run over by a car. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. It is so not pretty. But I’ve had some of the best nursing care imaginable. My guy surely knows how to take care of this woman!

The upside to all this is that as I’ve been lying in bed recuperating, there has been a story spinning through my mind that is aching to get out. And I do mean aching! So between hot tea, hot soup, back massages, foot massages, body massages, and meds, I’m writing.

Friday, February 20, 2009



I have learned to love my birthday and this morning I woke up in the sweetest place, feeling on top of the world, and knowing that I was extremely blessed.

I’m sneaking off for a little R & R with my favorite friends and family this weekend. I’m looking forward to the time away. I’m also anxious to enjoy a heap load of decadent birthday desserts that will blow my diet to high hell! Hey, I’ll only be this young once so why not?

I like how I’m aging. I look good, feel even better and I can still kick up some trouble when the moment moves me. I have people who adore me and folks I love beyond reason and despite a trial here or a tribulation there I still look forward to getting up each day to see what surprises lie in wait for me. Life is truly good and I am thankful.

So please, enjoy your weekend. Have some cake and ice cream on me. I definitely plan to enjoy mine!

Monday, February 09, 2009


I kicked off the weekend by chopping every inch of my hair off. On an impulse I contacted a hairdresser that I had been referred to, told her I was looking for a change, spent thirty minutes debating my options and having her tell me what would and wouldn’t work for my facial structure and head size and then I gave her carte blanche to do whatever she thought best. I figured it’s only hair, right? Well, an hour later I had the shortest, cutest hairdo that I have had in ages. I was on the verge of tears as I saw my shoulder-length locks falling to the floor beneath my feet but when I turned back to the mirror and saw the miracle Miss Sheila had performed I was absolutely thrilled. The change has been so dramatic that my own father didn’t recognize me. My favorite compliment was from my very special friend who told me that I looked hot as he whispered into my ear and planted a kiss on the back of my very visible neck.

I caught up with old friends this weekend. Friday night one of my best friends in the world and I knocked back a bottle of wine and reminisced. We laughed until our sides hurt remembering some of the mess we have gotten ourselves into over the years.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon at an art exhibition, viewing the new work of my one of my other best friends who has transitioned from pottery to painting. With the exception of an email here and a phone call there, she and I hadn’t really spent any time together in almost four years. Even for the short period of time that we were able to spend together we caught up and slipped back into our very easy routine with each other. I’ve always thought of her as my “big sister" and I realized just how much I’ve missed her.

I realize that I’ve been remiss about much but more than anything my friendships have taken the worse toll. I have a cadre of really great friends and too often our stuff and life in general comes between us, getting right in the way. Even my very, very best friend in the whole wide world and I have been taxed by the mere act of surviving our day to day existences. Our daily telephone calls have dwindled down to catch up sessions every couple of weeks and that truly is not good.

My special new friend rounded out the rest of my weekend as we spent some quality time together. We attended a birthday party on Satuday and had much fun. Got to do that slow shuffle in a secluded corner that brought back memories of those blue-light basement parties back in the day. Took in a movie last night and held hands like teenagers. Boyfriend has got me so wired I'm like a firecracker about to implode! I absolutely adore that man!

Talking Walls is still on tap as soon as my hired hand can figure out how he blew up the file and determines the best course of action to recover my stuff. Brother actually blew up my stuff!!! Efficient that I am, I was just getting ready to make that backup copy but of course, hadn’t. It has not been pretty and my suffering from a nasty cold and not feeling well last week didn’t help the situation. The hired hand says we might have to start from scratch and redo the darn thing which only puts me a little farther behind schedule.

But hey, things could be worse. I could actually hate my hair, be on a vicious rampage, and then friends, hired hand and everything else would surely be damned!!!

Thankfully, it’s all good!

Monday, February 02, 2009


You know you have truly been touched when days later the heat from his hands is still burning hot against your skin...


I spent the early part of this Friday night visiting with my parents. From there, it was on to dinner with friends where we closed the restaurant down at 10:00 pm. By 10:05 I was headed home alone to an empty house, a box of chocolate cookies, and a DVD that I knew I would barely watch if I paid any attention to it at all.

Thirty years ago my Friday nights went much differently. I might have spent the early part of the evening home with the old people but I was leaving home at 10:00 PM headed out for the night. The friends and I would roll from one club to the next, Friday coming to an end when a Saturday sunrise was peeking over the horizon. Being alone on a Friday night was completely unheard of.

So, with very little else to do, I take a few minutes to focus my attention on my movie when I quickly become aware that the independent film I chose is actually an exceptionally, erotic journey into black sexuality. Wild, passionate love making is playing out on my little twenty-four inch television screen and chocolate cookies suddenly took on a whole other meaning. Thirty years ago I would not have been watching folks get good loving on television, I would have been getting me some of my own, but we won’t go there.

Thirty years have truly slowed my roll. Can you just imagine what thirty years from now might be like? The kids stop by to spend a few minutes with me and by 10:00 I’m sound asleep in front of the evening news. Damn!

By the way, that movie is A Good Day To Be Black and Sexy written and directed by Dennis Dortch. I absolutely loved it. It’s a series of vignettes that cover different sexual scenarios. It’s realistic, sensitive, and humorous. Exceptionally tasteful, the film tackles a number of relationship issues with an exceptionally talented black cast. It was a true testament to quality writing. And it made my Friday night alone, not so bad after all.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Technical difficulties have delayed this weeks transmission of Talking Walls. I have had a bear of time trying to get the darn thing to upload and function properly and my hired hand has disappeared on me.

My apology, but I promise as soon as whatever is broke gets fixed, Talking Walls will be the highlight of your week. It will definitely be the highlight of mine.

See you tomorrow!!!