Monday, February 02, 2009


I spent the early part of this Friday night visiting with my parents. From there, it was on to dinner with friends where we closed the restaurant down at 10:00 pm. By 10:05 I was headed home alone to an empty house, a box of chocolate cookies, and a DVD that I knew I would barely watch if I paid any attention to it at all.

Thirty years ago my Friday nights went much differently. I might have spent the early part of the evening home with the old people but I was leaving home at 10:00 PM headed out for the night. The friends and I would roll from one club to the next, Friday coming to an end when a Saturday sunrise was peeking over the horizon. Being alone on a Friday night was completely unheard of.

So, with very little else to do, I take a few minutes to focus my attention on my movie when I quickly become aware that the independent film I chose is actually an exceptionally, erotic journey into black sexuality. Wild, passionate love making is playing out on my little twenty-four inch television screen and chocolate cookies suddenly took on a whole other meaning. Thirty years ago I would not have been watching folks get good loving on television, I would have been getting me some of my own, but we won’t go there.

Thirty years have truly slowed my roll. Can you just imagine what thirty years from now might be like? The kids stop by to spend a few minutes with me and by 10:00 I’m sound asleep in front of the evening news. Damn!

By the way, that movie is A Good Day To Be Black and Sexy written and directed by Dennis Dortch. I absolutely loved it. It’s a series of vignettes that cover different sexual scenarios. It’s realistic, sensitive, and humorous. Exceptionally tasteful, the film tackles a number of relationship issues with an exceptionally talented black cast. It was a true testament to quality writing. And it made my Friday night alone, not so bad after all.

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