Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Friends and family use to respect that this was my space to vent and vex about whatever I needed to rant about. Lately, no matter what I post, friends and family want to make it a conversation about them, or us, and more times than not I wasn’t thinking twice about them when I wrote whatever it was I wrote.

When it comes to my own stuff if I put it on paper and send it off into space, be it here or my desk drawer, then I am usually done with it. Once pen has hit paper, I have usually let go of the energy, the emotional baggage and whatever else might be attached to it. It doesn’t need to be mentioned or discussed so friends and family calling to have a conversation about it taxes my last nerve.

If I can let my mess go and be done with it, then so should everybody else. I don’t need to rehash it, rework it, or be bothered with other folks’ concerns. If venting here is what I need to do then I wish other folks would let me without it having to be an issue.

Bottom line though, if the stuff here has them concerned I’m going to hate to see what they do when the book comes out.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Sister, you have made me put down my professional bag and pick up my ghetto queen bag...um, just make my character awesome and I won't be mad at you after I read the book! (LMAO)

Deborah Mello said...

LOL! You know I won't do you wrong girl!