Sunday, October 04, 2009


The first woman a man falls in love with is his mother. Mom will set the bar for all the other women that will cross their son’s path. If mom has shown a guy unconditional, unwavering love, it will be hard for any woman to trump that but the implication will be there for her to try.

A mother might not completely accept the new girl and might only tolerate her at best until they realize their son is truly happy. But what a mother doesn’t want is to see her child hurt, especially if the woman is only going to be in his life for a short time. No mom wants to see their baby go through any heartache.

Most men who cheat are scared to be cheated on and afraid of being hurt so they hurt first. Men base how they handle their relationship and how they solve the problems in them off how their relationship was/is with their mother. If mom wasn’t a good mom and treated him badly, that man won’t be amped to show any woman love. If the one woman who was supposed to love him unconditionally has done him wrong, a guy isn’t going to trust that another woman won’t do the same to him. Why wouldn’t he expect a woman he has just met, or a girlfriend to do the same thing? It’s what will go through his mind.

A man will trust his mother over any other woman and as the saying goes, mother does know best. Most would hope that is really true. Because a mom will never have to compete for her son’s love. Mom’s are forever. A girlfriend might only be here for the present, hoping for the future.

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