Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have no desire to get out of my bed. It’s warm and comfortable and what I would most like to do is spend the day here finishing the book that was due back to the library two days ago. Thank goodness for the five-day grace before late fees kick in because I’ve exhausted every one of my renewals.

I’m reading Walter Mosley’s newest novel, The Long Fall. Y’all know I’ve got a thing for my Walter. My Walter makes me hot! I hadn’t forgiven my Walter for killing off his Easy Rawlins character. Easy was like that lover who comes in and out of your life as the moment moves you. Easy knew where my sweet spot was and how to curl my toes and make me call out his name as if I was in prayer. I loved me some Easy Rawlins. But my Walter is making up for that faux pas.

My Walter’s back with a new mystery series and a new hero. A man named Leonid McGill. I’m liking Leonid. I don’t have a love thing for him yet like I did with Easy but the man is growing on me. And I swear, the brilliance of my Walter’s words are absolutely orgasmic!

Walter Mosley never disappoints me. The man embodies everything I aspire to be with my own writing. His talents with the written word are endless. The man knows how to string emotion together like nobody's business. My Walter absolutely curls my toes!

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