Saturday, October 03, 2009


Women have mistaken a man’s uncertainty about love and his not expressing it as quickly and openly as they do, as if we don’t love as hard. That is a big misconception. Men might not always voice it to you personally but if they truly love you they will show it to you in many other ways.

I hear it from guy friends all the time. From “she doesn’t believe I love her because I don’t say it”, to “she’s leaving me because she feels her love is wanted more somewhere else”. Women have doubted a man’s love for years, since before I was even thought of.

Give your man time to show his love instead of expecting him to express it out loud. You might like that more in the end. Remember, your man’s actions will forever speak louder than his words.

But remember, love is a two-way street. Take care that you don’t fall too quickly for a man. A women who falls too quickly in a relationship can be a turnoff for some men but don’t think you have to be afraid to let a man know you want more out the relationship if you do. Just don’t PUSH and make it seem like the changes you want have to happen right when you say they do. If you give a man time to break through his barriers or put his stuff behind him then you can trust that his love will eventually come pouring down.

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