Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I’ve had a severe case of baby fever! My god-daughter gave birth to a baby girl last week. Little Miss Emily Vanessa is the most adorable child. I had beautiful babies. I’ve had beautiful grandbabies. I know a beautiful baby and this kid is already breaking some serious hearts. She is absolutely precious and I spent over an hour just holding her and staring at how incredible cute she was.

A friend recently had a baby boy. Little Mr. Adam is cute and cuddly as well. He’s eight weeks old today with the face of a cherub and the little body of a Buddha. I just enjoyed a few minutes of cuddling him close as he giggled, cooed, and blew gas like there is no tomorrow.

My son had to comment on how baby crazy I am. I absolutely love them to death until they start to talk back. I also love that when I’m done with them I can send them right back to their mommies and daddies. I make a great short-term babysitter. Long-term sitting feels much too much like parenting.

To the new parents, Camille and Jay, and Amber and Josh, I wish you much success. Enjoy each and every moment that you have with your new bundles of joy. This will be an experience like no other.

Now that I’ve had my baby fix I can move on until the next time baby fever hits!

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