Friday, April 10, 2009


With the Easter weekend upon us I can’t help but reminisce about past Easter holidays. As a little girl it was the one and only time my mother purposely dressed my younger sister and I in identical outfits. There was a four-year age difference between us. She and I had very different likes and dislikes, so suffice to say, that one Easter outfit would be the bane for one of us, sheer delight for the other. Being the oldest, I typically got my way more times than not. There were a few times though where I was forced to don more lace and crinoline than should have ever been allowed. My baby sister tended to lean toward very girlie, frilly outfits.

My mother always let us dye a dozen eggs. I can still smell the vinegar we used to mix the dye tablets with to get those brilliant pink, blue, and green colors. Then she’d let us go hide them in the yard. After we hid them she made us wait ten minutes to go back out and pick them all back up. I caught on quick that our Easter egg hunt wasn’t much of a hunt. My sister took a little longer but the day she caught a clue was the last Easter we dyed and hid some eggs in the back yard.

This year, my Easter dress is emerald green with a brilliant hat to match. I called my sister to see what she’d be sporting to church on Sunday. When she described her dress I could only shake my head and smile. Seems we both bought the same green dress.

May you each have a safe and blessed Easter holiday!

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