Wednesday, October 17, 2007


There is something incredibly sexy about a cowboy on a horse. It is pure power personified. The only thing sexier is a powerful black cowboy on a horse.

There is an annual black rodeo event hosted here in this small town of mine that I usually do not miss and wouldn’t you know it, I missed this year’s event. I swear, a woman feels like a kid in a candy shop at this function because the men are FOINE. And I do mean FOINE. They come in tight jeans, tighter tee-shirts, boots, chaps, and it is typically one delectable chocolate confection after another to satisfy any sweet tooth. And these are chocolate confections who are also successfully employed as doctors, lawyers, Indians, and chiefs.

For a woman in need of some old-fashioned attention this is truly the place to be ‘cause there is no lack of men wanting to give you a ride on his horse and I’m talkin’ the four-legged variety. Although I’m sure there are some other horses that get ridden as the evening wears on, I personally don’t know nothin’ ‘bout that kind of thing. I go to enjoy the camaraderie, the rodeo events, and the barbecue.

This event and these beautiful black cowboys inspired the series I’m working on now. In February 2008, with my book To Love A Stallion, I’ll be introducing John Stallion, the first of four brothers. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Stallion come from Dallas, Texas where everything is large and powerful, and they are no exception. They’re all successful, wealthy, old-fashioned, charming, and the kind of men that can melt a woman where she stands with just one look.

I’ve been riding the Stallion boys for months now and it has truly been one heck of a good time. I’m winding down to the end though, getting ready to let them boys out of the corral so others can enjoy them as much as I have. And all I got to say is, they are truly some sort of sexy.


owaji said...

Dang, I missed the rodeo too....and it took a bad case of the flu to keep me away!
Hummm....I like the sounds of "To Love a Stallion"!

Deborah Mello said...

Hope you're feeling better! Let's make sure we're there next year...

Anonymous said...

Well Ms. Deborah it has been a while since I had a chance to write to you but I am so glad you are back. Not only that but you come back with a BANG WAY TO GO. I have really miss you and your writing so you know I am excited about your new series "To Love A Stallon" and then there will 4 brothers to look forward to YEAH.

I being to the rodeo once and that was about 3 years ago when I visit Washington and that was something. I can see why you go every year and you are write there are some FIONE men there. Sound like the books will be HOT AND SEXY I can't wait.

Now since I know how to reach you I have this page bookmark. smile

Deborah Mello said...

Hey Louise,
I'm so glad you found me again and I sure hope you'll keep coming back. Can't wait to hear what you think about the next books!