Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Veiled threats can come in all forms so when a man tells you that your failed marriage will not end the way you might want it to, you should trust that he does not mean you any good. Lisa is learning fast that her husband Ralph can smile his way through any amount of torture he can put her through and not think twice about doing it. The man relishes knowing that he’s got her so twisted that she can’t figure out if she’s coming or going. Fear had never been something Lisa had felt for the man but now she’s afraid. Few will ever realize that she’s more afraid of what she could do to him than what he might even imagine doing to her. And that’s because she’s raging.

Lisa has walked a short tightrope with this man since forever. Her entire marriage was built on his needs with no regard for her own and her sacrificing everything she could to make him happy. Her own joy was so irrelevant that it took years for Lisa to even believe she was entitled to an ounce of joy for herself. But Lisa now believes and she’s angry that someone who once professed to care for her would go out of his way to try and take that joy away.

Lisa cannot remember ever owning so much anger. She’s warped with rage, unable to focus on anything but getting out of the prison she feels she’s been locked away in. She feels like she’s been backed into a corner and she’s fighting tooth and nail to get herself out. Lisa refuses to do another day of time behind Ralph's bars. But behind her closed doors she’s so consumed by the hurt and pain of despising the man so deeply that she’d do almost anything to be rid of him for good. Almost anything…

And then Lisa remembers it won’t always be like this. Happiness is hers if she’s willing to fight for it. Life can be what she chooses for herself and not what someone else thinks she’s entitled to. It always had been. It always will be. And though her earlier choices may not have been the best, Lisa is now choosing to be happy. She is choosing a life without the drama and the tears. She is choosing love, no matter where that might take her. And she's choosing for herself, refusing to let Ralph or anyone else decide what's best for her.

Ralph believes he’s won each time he makes her cry. Lisa refuses to shed another tear for the misery she finds herself in. Ralph is right and Lisa knows beyond any doubt that Ralph doesn’t mean her any good. But she’s got a message for Ralph. It might not end the way she had hoped it would. But it certainly won’t end like he may think either.

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