Thursday, June 04, 2009


Granny has recovered nicely from the pneumonia. The residual side effects however don’t seem to want to let go. She suffered from mild dementia beforehand. Her condition has now worsened, mild becoming moderately severe. She will be leaving the hospital tomorrow if all goes well, but she will not be coming home. They say she will require temporary rehabilitation. She is balking that we have signed to have her transferred to a nursing home for any length of time at all. Her improvement will depend on her cooperation.

Right now she is as obstinate as she could possibly be. She has refused medication, refused food, and just refused to be the kind, sweet, granny I want her to be. She has worked my last nerve and I have no doubts that the nurses and doctors she has cursed a time or two will not miss her ornery butt.

Getting old is a bitch. Granny said so just after she told me how she got out of her hospital bed, went upstairs to the kitchen and cooked a pot of chitlins. Then some nurse in a blue suit stole her pig. She would have kicked that nurse’s exceptionally wide behind but she couldn’t get her leg up high enough, the aftermath of her getting old.

All I could do was shake my head and agree.

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