Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I come from a family of way too many "change-of-life" babies. Change-of-life babies are conceived and born to middle-aged mothers who are supposed to be menopausal. A relative recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she is still shaking her head at the absurdity of it. You see, her last child is now in his late teens. She wasn’t planning for any more babies and definitely not one coming some eighteen years after her baby boy had been born.

The prospect of two AM feedings and diapers had me cringing, the very thought moving me to reconsider my birth control options. If I came up pregnant at this stage of the game, me and baby both would be screaming and pulling out our hair. Wouldn't nothing be funny about any of it. The relative had me doubled over with laughter however as she continued to stress that she’d been in menopause because surely menapause was supposed to make a difference. She kissed her infant daughter’s cheek and proclaimed. “God truly has a keen sense of humor!”

That wouldn’t be a joke I’d like the good Lord to play on me so the minute my beaverologist declares me menopausal you can trust I’ll be closing up shop until we know for certain that this baby store is completely out of stock!

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