Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Girl, what was you thinkin'?

My very special new friend and I met for dessert last night - ice cream sundaes at a popular ice cream parlor. It’s one of those places where they slap your cream on top of an iced table and then mix and spoon stuff like nuts and candy into it before slapping it back onto an ice cream cone or into a cup. The dark chocolate with almonds, fresh strawberries, and fudge mixed in was truly delightful as we sat outside and people watched.

Right next door to the ice cream parlor is this too cute Italian restaurant with a sign at the door that says your meal is made fresh when ordered so don’t be giving folks a hard time if they don’t’ fast food your meal to the table a la McDonald’s-style. It’s a romantic little joint as evidenced by the many couples dining couple-like at these adorable tables designed especially for a party of two.

So we’re catching up on each other’s day and people watching and in particular watching an exquisite woman who is watching us from the driver’s seat of her car. We can’t miss when the good looking owner of the restaurant comes rushing out with a bottle of wine in his hand and passes it through the car window for her to hold on to. Nor do we miss the cheerful banter between them as she admires his attire: black slacks, black button up shirt buttoned just enough to expose a little chest hair, and very expensive black leather alligator shoes. The man was working it nicely.

Once he goes back into the restaurant our attention is diverted back to the conversation we were having. I don’t, however, miss the fact that the exquisite woman is still sitting patiently in wait. Some twenty minutes later the good looking man rushes back out of the restaurant, waves a hand like he’s saying good-bye and jumps into his car. Now bear in mind he’s parked some five or six cars away from his lady friend. As he starts his engine the exquisite woman exits her car, bottle of wine in hand. And then my friend and I were both left wondering, what in the world was she thinking?

The man pulls his car out of his parking space and proceeds to drive off. He stops some two cars away, putting additional distance between him and the woman as she begins to run to catch up with him. Girlfriend is doing this skip-hop-run thing in high-heeled stilettos and booty huggin’ denim jeans and it was not pretty to witness. The moment was too funny and left much to my imagination.

Now I’m thinking if the two were trying to rendezvous without being noticed, that running to catch the car moment didn’t help their cause. And why didn’t the man just wait for her to just get into his car before pulling out of the parking space? He could have even back up behind her car to wait for her to get inside. What kind of man makes a sister run behind his car? If it was supposed to be a secret my girl and her man could use a few pointers because not only did my special friend and I both see them but so did half the restaurant and twenty or so other people who were hanging around outside.

Girl! What was you thinkin’?


ny2idie45 said...

I Just finished reading Tame a Wild Stallion and I loved IT!!!

I Loved the first book too

I cannot wait to see what you have instore for Matthew and Luke. Also Vanessa too.

balston2 said...

In the first chapter you speak of Mark going to Black Bike Week in South Carolina and the beginning of chapter 2 you have moved it to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina how is that possible?

Deborah Mello said...

Thank you, Ny2idie45!

Balston2, ideally it's not possible, but sometimes, when editing doesn't function the way it should, details like that get missed. Hopefully though it was minor enough not to deter from the story and most folks know Bike Week is in Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach is in South Carolina.

Thank you though for pointing it out!