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I love me some Stallion men! They’re each strong, solid, and sexy as hell. I know because I created them that way.

My next book, TAME A WILD STALLION, is the story of the third oldest brother, Mark Stallion and Michelle “Mitch” Coleman. As the chief operating officer for Stallion Enterprises, Mark is an astute business negotiator, accustomed to doing some major league wheeling and dealing in the board room. But he’s much more comfortable in jeans and a sweatshirt than a business suit. With a penchant for fast cars and even faster women, Mark thrives on speed. A champion for relationships that start fast and end even faster, Mark’s not at all prepared for Michelle Coleman, the sharp-shooting mechanic who refuses to give him the time of day.

Michelle “Mitch” Coleman walks on the wild side as readily as she breathes. A mechanic by profession, Mitch will readily get her hands dirty but cleans up nicely when the moment moves her. Mitch isn’t a woman who plays games and she doesn’t take kindly to any man who does. Mitch does fast her own way and her way doesn’t include the smooth talking billionaire playboy who’s use to commanding what he wants. Not only won’t Michelle allow Mark to get around her track, but getting out of the starting gate proves to be a major challenge for the man who’s accustomed to playing by his own rules.

Together Mitch and Mark love as hard and as fast as they play. Between setting the race track on fire and smoldering in the bedroom, these two will keep you reaching for a tall glass of ice water and a fan. Thought you might like a little taste of what’s to come! Enjoy!


Marcus Shepherd was extolling the virtues of Coleman and Son’s star mechanic as Simon made his way back into the room. “I swear there is no one better,” the man was saying, Mark Stallion eyeing him with reservation.

Mark looked down to the watch on his wrist. “Well, my brother Luke highly recommended him,” he said. “Figured now was as good a time as any to see what the man can do.”

The doctor grinned. “You’ve never met Mitch have you?”

“No. Why?”

The men holding up space in the room all laughed but before the physician could respond, Simon closed the heavy metal door harshly behind him. “Mitch be right here,” he said, breathing heavily as if he’d just run a mile long race. “Doc, you ready to write that check now?”

“We figure out what’s wrong with my car?” the man questioned, an eyebrow raising hopefully.

“Like I’ve told you time and time again, nothing,” a deep alto voice responded from the entranceway to the work area. “Not one blessed thing.”

Like the others, Mark turned in the direction of the doorway and the beguiling tone that drew their attention. The female before him cut a quick eye in his direction, catching his gaze and holding it ever so briefly before moving to stand behind the office counter. Mark’s gaze followed her, taking in the silhouette that defined her femininity beneath the clothing that did nothing to flatter her very female figure. His eyes widened curiously, his interest peeked as she scolded the doctor, one of his brother John’s many fraternity brothers.

“Don’t bring that car back in here, Doc. And I mean it. I swear if I see you or that vehicle again in the next three months I’m pulling the engine and you won’t be riding in it ever again. You got me?”

Marcus chuckled. “Yes, ma’am!”

Michelle handed the man an invoice, holding her hand out patiently as he wrote her a check for her services. When their transaction was complete, the good doctor waving his good-byes, she turned her attention to the man who’d been eyeing her curiously, looking him up and down. The brother was one good-looking specimen of manhood, Michelle thought, admiring Mark’s rugged good looks. The leather attire added to his bad boy appeal, the ensemble complementing his mahogany complexion, full lips and shoulder-length dread locks. But good looking men in Dallas were a dime a dozen, she mused, barely allowing herself to pause to admire the line of his chiseled features and haunting eyes. “How can I help you?” Michelle asked, her gaze meeting his evenly.

“You’re Mitch?” he asked, the surprise gleaning in his tone.

Michelle dropped a hand to her hip, shifting her weight. “You have a problem with that?”

Mark shrugged, a sly smile pulling at the line of his full lips. “No. Not at all. I just wasn’t expecting a girl.”

“You didn’t get a girl,” Michelle snapped, annoyance creeping into her voice. “I’m a grown woman and don’t you forget it. So what can we do for you, Mr...?”

“Stallion. Mark Stallion,” the man answered, only a touch flustered by her contentious tone. He composed himself quickly, a wide smile filling his dark face. “My brother Luke said you’d be able to look over my bike for me. I’m headed to South Carolina and I just wanted to make sure she’s road ready.”

Michelle lifted her eyebrows, her head bobbing up and down ever so slightly. Her disposition softened ever so slightly. “So, you’re one of Luke’s brothers. How is he? I haven’t heard from him in a while.”

Mark shrugged. “He’s well. How do you two know each other?” he asked curiously.

Michelle smiled, her eyes shimmering beneath the room’s dim lights. She didn’t bother to answer his question as she made her way from behind the counter to his side. As she paused in front of him, the top of her head barely reaching his chin, the light fragrance of a floral perfume mixed with a hint of motor oil teased his nostrils. Mark took a deep inhale, filling his lungs with the scent of her. He suddenly felt drunk with longing, the woman’s imposing stare, commanding demeanor and gorgeous smile taking control of his senses. The feeling was unsettling, leaving Mark speechless.

“Roll your bike into the garage. The third bay. I’ll get you on the road in no time,” Michelle said, gesturing toward the work area.

Nodding his head, Mark moved toward the exit. Tossing a quick look back over his shoulder he couldn’t miss Michelle staring after him. He also didn’t miss the fact that she’d not bothered to respond to his question and now his curiosity was seriously peeked. He couldn’t wait to talk to his little brother to find out what was up with him and that woman.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah,
I finished my book today. I start reading the book yesterday afternoon I had to read To Love A Stallion again before I read Tame Me Some Stallion, and you know the title is fitting for Mark. I tell you that man was something else. I love how in each of these book that once them Stallion realize they love there women they tell them there is no beating around the bush talking forever to tell. Mitch gave Mark a run for his money in the beginning but Mark was just the man I knew he was going to be. I love this book and I can't wait for the next one. I do want to know what is the deal with Vanessa and Matthew that is going to be interesting. Girl those love scene was OH SO HOT, and in some of the scene you had me crying the scene when she was at the jail house and she thought that Mark was dead and also when they was at the hospital. Those Stallion when they LOVE they LOVE HARD AND I LOVE IT. When will the next book be coming out and which brother will it be about. Could you give me a sneak peak at the next book I can't wait.


Deborah Mello said...

Hey Louise!
Thank you so much! I can't tell you how excited I am that you enjoyed Mark's story so much. And yes, them Stallion men LOVE HARD!
Baby brother Luke's story is next, coming early next year. Still not sure of the release date yet.
Matthew's story and the story of a Stallion cousin you'll meet in Luke's book will follow. So there are 3 more Stallion's to come. I just hope you enjoy them as much as you have enjoyed the others. Take care!

Anonymous said...

GO STALLION, GO STALLION. I am so excited that we got 3 MORE STALLION to read about. Now tell me will that be as AWESOME. I am so glad you are writing and thank you for those Stallion Men...........hehehe

Take care and be bless


ThatCrazy8 said...

I'm finally getting to this series. I just started John and Marah's story. I cracked up with I learned the names of all 4 brothers. lol! ~Jen