Wednesday, April 02, 2008


There’s a man in town who I’ve known for a few years now. He’s very good-looking, extremely intelligent, and single. I know that he is a divorced father of two adult daughters. I do not know why he is now single and unattached. We frequently bump into each other while running errands around town, our conversations typically very casual and very brief. Today was the exception. He and I ran into each other at the post office this morning. Standing together at the end of a very long line gave us much time to chat.

I really like the dance that men and women sometimes do with each other. There is something about the hint of a smile, the warmth of unexpected laughter, and the flutter of a light touch when couples can sense the possibility of something more touching their lives. There is this magnetic energy in an innocent flirtation when you discern that such could make for the beginnings of something decadently sweet and wonderous. I like the rush of exhilaration folks get when embarking on a new relationship that starts off at the right time, in the right place, with the perfect friend.

This man and I caught up on local gossip, whose child was doing what where, and how work was going or not. We just enjoyed a brief moment in time that was easy and comfortable. He made me laugh and a time or two I even found myself blushing. Then it was my turn at the counter and our moment was over. I wished him a good day and turned to conduct my business.

He finished his transaction before I had finished mine. As he reached the exit door, he paused, stopping to call out my name.


"The next time we run into each other at the diner, breakfast is on me.”

Then he winked and waved goodbye, but not before adding to his comment. “By the way, I’m there every morning at eight.”

I couldn’t help but smile and so did Sam the postal clerk, a low “Hmmmmm” spilling out of his mouth.

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