Sunday, December 24, 2017


Dear Santa,
Can’t tell you how excited I am to catch up with you again! It’s been that kind of year for most of us, so I can only imagine the hoops you’ve had to jump through to get to this night. I’m surprised the Republicans didn’t try to shut you down, too!
Norad has you headed to La Paz, Bolivia right now with some 4.9 billion presents already delivered. I am still in awe of how you do that! I know I can’t move the way I use to and you continue to put the rest of us to shame! If you can bottle whatever it is you’re taking, I’ll have some of that, too!
I’m sure you’ve been fielding some really long wish lists this year. 2017 has put us through some changes and most of them haven’t been of the kind and friendly variety. I’m sure you know the Grand Wizard took over the White House and it’s been a daily downhill slalom ever since. Policy changes, threats of war, and the constant twittering from the presidential twit has wrecked everyone’s last good nerve. Despite it all though I’m headed into 2018 with a fair degree of hope because I know evil will never prevail as long as we have good guys like you still fighting for what’s decent and right. Right?
Santa, right?
Oh, so you have jokes! That's not funny. Don’t hesitate like that! You make me nervous when you hesitate! Just nod or something, okay? Anyway, a girl can wish and evil NOT prevailing is front and center on my wish list this year.
Guess what? No pony for me this year but the request made it to my pretty princess’ wish list. Since you and I have history with that damn horse I figured I’d step in and help you out. I can’t have my baby girl wondering some fifty years from now what happened to her black stallion that never made it under her Christmas tree. Now that I’ve got them Stallions on lock, don’t you worry about a thing. I’ve got it covered so you can handle whatever else needs to be taken care of.
I’m looking for a lot under the tree this year Santa. An increase in my readership, a major book deal, an even bigger movie deal, maybe a trip to Bermuda and definitely that European excursion would make me a very happy woman. And if you can’t slip it under my tree, maybe you can bless a few of the incredible author women who have been on this literary journey with me. This year was not kind to us. Publishers continue to act like fools, own voices continue to be disregarded and them damn royalty checks have gotten even smaller. In fact, if possible Santa, wrap up whatever we all need and help us make 2018 an amazing year for all our book business. Just share some of that Christmas Eve stardust you’re snorting with the rest of us, so we can make magic happen too!
I know you need to get back to work ,Santa, so I’m going to let you go. I have a horse or two to wrap myself! I’m sending you a huge hug and kiss from my family to yours. Nuzzle an elf or two for me and continue to let all the little children know how much they are loved.
To you, and everyone else, Merry Christmas, and until we do this again, have a very safe, blessed, and prosperous New Year!

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