Tuesday, December 05, 2017


Award-winning songstress, Archer Hall Santana feels like her life is imploding around her. Her high-profile marriage is ending, her career is on a crash and burn, and an unlikely betrayal proves there is no one in her corner. Archer is weary of pretending all is well when everything feels broken. Unable to bear any more heartache she is ready to put an end to it all and suffer the consequences of her actions.

But life deals her a second chance when renowned filmmaker, Sinclair Cooper agrees to tell her story, promising to detail every dirty truth that had been previously hidden from the world. Sinclair isn’t known for holding back and going the extra yard to unearth Archer’s dirt proves to be enlightening and forces him to revisit his own ghosts. He can’t explain his attraction to the young woman whose lifestyle is completely at odds with his own. But everything about Archer suddenly has him vying to be her happily ever after.

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