Monday, July 09, 2012


It’s a fairy tale, of sorts.  There’s a King, a Queen, a Princess, and the requisite loyal monarchy.  The King has built an empire of sorts, entrusting his wonderland to the whims of the Queen and the Princess.  The Queen is kind of Cruella de Vil-ish just without the dalmatians.  Despite her assertions that her greatest joy is to motivate her minions, she’s extremely judgmental, quick to criticize and she’s been known to have a vicious tongue.  

The Princess holds herself in high esteem, but there are no others who do.  She’s a master manipulator, devious and deceitful, and when you combine that with dumb girl stupid, it can prove to be a lethal combination.  Just ask the poor souls she’s left quivering in her wake.  

The King would seem to be an intelligent leader, a trailblazer of sorts but has gotten himself caught between his two leading ladies.  Thelma and Louise run rip shod behind his back, their tactics the stuff that brings about mutiny, mass migrations, and class-action lawsuits.  Definitely a lawsuit, or two.  Maybe, even three.

The hierarchy of wonderland have questioned the motivations that allow Princess and Queenie to do as they do while the head man in charge feigns ignorance because in any other kingdom the two would have been beheaded ages ago, the king moving on to better and better.  So rumors run rampant about late night trysts in the King’s gold room and with the Princess’s penchant for threesomes to keep herself entertained, most are betting that she maintains her reign because she has damaging evidence that could bring the sovereignty crashing down.

Perhaps the King has a thing for spiked collars and the Queen’s high heels.  Maybe the Queen swings a bigger stick than Big Daddy.  The Princess might have him by the balls because she has a pair or two of her own.  In this land of unbelievable, the masses can only speculate.  

As fairy tales go I don’t hold out much hope for the happy ending, at least not for those who are accepting of the bad behavior.  But for the fed up few willing to take the kingdom down to their knees, who knows?  Happy might be much more than any of them anticipate, everyone else telling their story with "once upon a time".


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LOL!! God I love you. Too funny!

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