Sunday, July 15, 2012


So let me tell you about my day.

There was an open casting call for THE BIGGEST LOSER and my guy and I took up the challenge and attended.  We both have much weight to lose and since we are big fans of the show, we figured why not take advantage of the opportunity.  So bright and early (very, very early) we headed to the Rex Wellness Center in Knightdale, NC to join a lengthy line of hopeful candidates.  Talk about a fun time!

Arriving shortly after six in the morning we were close to the front of the line, being numbers 074 and 075 on their lineup sheets.  For us, the weather was perfect, overcast with moderately warm temperatures.  We were not uncomfortable compared to people who arrived later and found themselves directly beneath the sun’s rays by the lunch hour with the temperatures quickly approaching hot as hell.

Things didn't officially kick off until shortly after 10 am.  During the wait we got to know the people in line with us.  There was the bright and bubbly kindergarten teacher who has recently ended her eight year career.  She’s been awarded a fellowship to Old Dominion to pursue her Doctorate’s degree.  Cute as a button with a vibrant, bubbly personality, she wanted to do Biggest Loser because she can’t fit into her cute car, fearful of damaging the good upholstery.  Her best friend, a seriously talented dress designer for women with curves tagged along for the ride.

Then there were the sisters looking to make a life change, both adorned from head to foot in bling and sparkle.  There was the cute guy looking great in green who works in a car dealership in Tennessee.  He had traveled to the Atlanta casting call first, then unhappy with how things went, decided to give the North Carolina auditions a shot.  His face was familiar to me and I’m still racking my brain to remember where I know him from.

And then there was the big guy with the flaming red hair who’d amassed quite a twitter following to support his journey, one exuberant fan going out of her way to find him to say hello and shake his hand.  He came with his mother, a delightful personality with a great sense of humor.  Mom was along for the ride, willing to do whatever was necessary for her baby boy.  

There was a wealth of personalities eagerly seeking one of the few available slots.  And they came in a range of sizes from wide to wider.  Everyone came with a story and a dream, wanting to do better and be better for themselves and the family and friends that they loved.  Most were grateful for the opportunity and only a select few had the potential to bring down everyone else’s good mood.

I haven’t gotten my callback but then I can’t say that I was really expecting one.  It’s not an easy feat to stand out amongst some 6oo-plus personalities and although I’m good, even I question if I’m that good.  I’m hopeful that the luck of the draw will give us a great cast of characters to root for and emulate when season 14 premieres.  Unlike last season, I’m hoping for contestants who value and appreciate the magnitude of the opportunity that will be afforded to them.  

So as they face the challenge before them, I hope The Biggest Loser casting crew is looking for people who don’t come with the mean-spirited drama of their predecessors from last season.  I'm hoping they'll cast people who will have us wanting to see them do well.  People like a bubbly teacher, an adoring mother, a disabled truck driver, and maybe even a romance author.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah,
well sound like you and your guy started off your morning with a bang. I have not seen the show all the way through but if you or your guy happen to appear on the show let us know, i am not sure how the show works.

Now listening to all the people you met you though that this will make great stories. I know not for harelquin but I think you should think about doing ebook and writing about full figure. See what I consider full figure is a size 18 and up. I have read a story where the heroine was a size 22. What do you consider full figure?

Do you know when we find out who won the contest last week and how did you like the tour of authors last week. I love it, we hot to see and learn a little about the author as person. See the way you all write and the support you all rec'd shows in your writing.

Take care and have a bless week.


Deborah Mello said...

Thanks, Louise! And I agree with you on what a full figure is but you'll notice that not a lot of stories feature women with deep curves or big men for that matter.

I always appreciate your comments and support and appreciate you stopping by.