Friday, October 22, 2010


The ABC television show, Primetime: What Would You Do, puts paid actors in scenarios where they create awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes discriminatory situations to film the genuine reactions of passersby. Watching tonight, one story moved me to tears.

One of the actors, dressed as an intoxicated, homeless man, falls to the ground in the middle of a busy sidewalk. As he lay there pretending to be unconscious eighty-eight people walked by, barely giving the man a second glance. And then came, Miss Linda Hamilton.

Miss Linda has some age on her. She is black, disabled and also appears to be homeless. Miss Hamilton’s efforts to get help for the man are unsuccessful, the passers-by ignoring her as well. But Miss Hamilton persists. She refuses to leave the man’s side. She gives him a nickname, calling him “Billy”, humanizing the stranger lying on the street. She pleads to people passing by to please call for an ambulance but no one does. Frustration and discouragement are painted all over Miss Linda’s face. It is finally passer-by number 115 who finally stops and dials 911.

Miss Linda’s efforts to help the homeless man were genuine. Miss Linda is a shining example of the person we all should try to be. Miss Linda showed that it shouldn’t matter who you are, that you should always show kindness and compassion whenever and wherever you can. Miss Linda is my role model.

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This is POWERFUL!!!