Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have been purposely enacting change for months now. Change in how I handle difficult situations. Change in how I deal with difficult people. Change in my quality of life. Change, whole-heartedly, different from what I have ever known before. It has been like a free fall, exhilarating and damn scary.

Then tragedy stuck. It came on the heels of loss. Loss so significant, that I was left to re-evaluate every aspect of my own life. And then I had a light bulb moment, one so monumental that when it hit, it knocked me right off my feet.

Life is short. Tomorrow is not promised to us. Which is why making the most out of today is monumentally important. And though it is so easy to say, it is not necessarily easy to accomplish because life will inevitably get in the way.

I have a good friend who has invested an unfathomable amount of energy in being angry. Angry at her current situation. Angry at family and friends. Anger so pervasive that it has taken full and complete control over her entire life. Her anger prevents her from making the most out of her days and subsequently each and every day for her is filled with far too many regrets. Some of those regrets are inevitable. Others, not so much. For me, enacting change was necessary to stall my own anger and keep me from having too many regrets.

Making the conscious decision to live one’s life differently comes with a multitude of pressure. It also comes with much responsibility. I thrive under pressure. I’m really not big on responsibility. Discovering such about myself has been enlightening.

Change manifests more change. The doors are wide open and I take much delight in stepping over to the other side to see what opportunities might be out there for me. I have a good friend I hope will take the walk with me. She needs a good free fall.

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