Sunday, May 09, 2010


Two years ago I reached out for donations to help send a young friend to the National Young Leader’s Conference in Washington, DC. Some exceptional people gave generously and my young friend was able to represent her family, friends and community beautifully. That young lady recently completed her freshman year at UNC-Charlotte, well on her way to a thriving technology career.

I am once again moved to hold out my hand and ask folks to open their hearts and their pockets for a young man whose spirit and achievements are a true inspiration. Mr. Trevon Tapp is twelve years old. He’s from the very rural community of Roxboro, NC and he has not only exceeded every challenge and expectation put to him, but has contradicted every stereotype that exists about young, black men.

Trevon is in the seventh grade at Southern Middle School, an honor student with a 4.0 GPA and in the academically gifted program. He plays football and basketball and loves to read. He is a member of the youth choir and dance ministry at his church and in 2007 participated in the National Young Scholars Program at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

Trevon was recently interviewed and selected to participate in the People to People Student Ambassador Program’s trip to China this summer. The objective of the program is to promote international understanding while building leadership skills among America's youth. The 17-day experience includes meetings with government officials, interaction with students his own age, educational activities, and home stays with host families.

People to People was founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. He believed that if people from different cultures could come together in peace and friendship, so eventually would countries. Since its founding, People to People has launched many international programs, including Sister Cities and Project HOPE. People to People Student Ambassadors are carefully interviewed and evaluated before their acceptance and it is truly an honor and a privilege for Trevon to be considered and selected.

This opportunity will afford Trevon the chance to broaden his perspectives of the world and gain a better understanding of another culture. He will also be able to earn high school and college credit because of the many educational elements in the program. It’s an opportunity not afforded to many minority youth.

The program tuition is $6,000 which includes all transportation, accommodations, meals and educational activities. Trevon’s mother is the only person with a steady income in their home and she and his father sacrifice daily to provide for Trevon and his baby sister. Trevon needs sponsors and I am honored to be able to help fundraise on his behalf. We are asking contributors for any monetary amount to help him reach his goal. He has been fundraising diligently, hosting bake sales and neighborhood events to promote his cause, but as time draws closer, he could use a few more helping hands.

Won’t you consider giving? We are selling “event” tickets for this on-line fundraiser beginning today. With every $25 “ticket” purchased I will give the donor a signed copy of my latest release, LOST IN A STALLION’S ARMS. For every $100 donation I’ll give the donor a signed copy of my current book and a signed copy of my August release, PROMISES TO A STALLION. Donate $250 and I’ll send you signed copies of every book I’ve published through January 2011.

“Ticket” purchase options have been set up through EVENTBRITE, hosted by the Hattie J. Woody Scholarship Program, with payments being easily made through PAYPAL. You don't need a PAYPAL account to pay by one of the acceptable payment methods. Just click the "I don't have an account" button and it will still be just fine.

As well, payments can be sent directly to the program, payable to: People To People Ambassador Program, People To People Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 34902, Seattle, WA 98124-1902. Include Trevon’s name and ID#10056029 on your check. (If you pay directly, you’ll need to send me copy of your cancelled check to claim your signed books.)

Every dollar is a step in the right direction for Trevon’s future. If you can, please help me help this baby’s dream come true. Let’s afford him the opportunity to participate in this life-changing experience. Let’s help him raise those funds.

Thank you.


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