Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Oh, how good does it get!!!!!

I am in TV-heaven right now. Just when I thought my reality TV obsession was all obsessed out, VH1 premiered their new lineup. Now I’m hooked, again, and loving every minute of it.

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business follows that well-known duo and their parents. The set-up of the show is that Sonja (Mama Norwood) who has been managing her children’s careers for the past 15 years is now ready to reclaim her life. She’s ready for her children to run the family music business. Throw in their father, Willie’s (Papa Norwood) nonchalant attitude and “children” who aren’t necessarily ready for responsibility, plus Mama's mean-as-spit demeanor, favoritism and a serious touch of family dysfunction and it makes for some entertaining TV.

Then we have Basketball Wives, the brainchild of Shaunie O’Neal, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Shaq. It follows the doings of seven women who have been or are currently linked with NBA players. Now, only one of the women is actually a wife, but each and every one of them has taken the drama straight to the net and dunked it. You can just see the backboard shattering with each episode. The cast includes Royce Reed, the former Orlando Magic and Miami Heat dancer and mother of NBA star Dwight Howard’s son, Jennifer Williams, wife of Eric Williams, Evelyn Lozada, ex-fiancée of Antoine Walker, Suzie Ketcham, ex-girlfriend of former NBA star Michael Olowokondi, Erikka Moxam, a stylist from Miami, Gloria Govan, fiancée of Matt Barnes and Shaunie. I’m going to enjoy sitting on the sidelines for this one!

Changing channels, Bravo premiered the second season of Housewives of New Jersey tonight! Delusional Danielle is back and the season looks like it’s going to deliver more than the two new babies being introduced. They kicked off the first night with a Barney’s New York shopping spree, a $1,000 plate fundraiser for the local sheriff, a Danielle drive-by, and some of the best politically-incorrect behavior from Theresa and the Giudice family. Gosh, I love these women almost as much as I love the Atlanta cast.

Toss in Jack Bauer sending my Monday night right over the edge as the final season of 24 winds down and Time Warner has me hooked for another few weeks.

Can it get any better!

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