Monday, February 22, 2010


At first, I wasn’t much excited about having another birthday, but my birthday weekend was a great experience.

I had a wonderful time at both of my book events. The first was a larger crowd with a multitude of activities to celebrate Black History Month. I met some great people, made a few new friends, and overall was pleased with the reception and turnout. It does a spirit good to be able to introduce my Stallion boys to folks who have never read me before. My thanks to the staff of the Wake County Public Library for inviting me to participate.

The last event was for those die-hard romance readers, who already knew me and my boys. How absolutely exciting it was to meet DIVAS WHO READ, a book club out of Atlanta, Georgia, who took a road trip all the way to North Carolina to see Altonya Washington, Cheris Hodges and myself. The ladies were an absolute blast and I can’t begin to say enough about how much I love book clubs. It was my first time meeting Altonya and a great time catching up with my author pal Cheris. My sincerest thanks to my good friend, Cheryl Underwood for coordinating such a spectacular event.

My very special friend treated me to a romantic meal and a few birthday surprises that evening. My baby made me feel especially loved and I love him for it. It was a sheer pleasure to be able to just sit back and relax with good friends and I wouldn't change one thing about my whole day.

So, now I’m back to the grind, churning out the first few pages of a new book and putting some finishing touches on a novel I just completed. And I am overwhelmingly happy. I turned another year older. I’m a little more wiser, but I’m aging beautifully like a robust wine with much too much emphasis on the robust part. However, when you consider the alternative, having a birthday isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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Happy Belated Birthday and many more!