Thursday, December 31, 2009


Father Time can’t get his ragged butt out of dodge quick enough for me. I am so excited at the prospect of a new year that I am ready, willing, and wanting Baby New Year to get here quick to challenge me with whatever he has in his bag of tricks.

2009 almost got the best of me but I’m still standing on faith, still believing in the power of prayer, and still trusting in God to see me through.

I heeded the wisdoms that were shared with me this past year. Subsequently I took a number of risks, sometimes jumping without thought, or fear, into the unknown. I learned many lessons. I realized that there were doors that closed so that others could be opened. Something I thought I wanted eluded me and I’ve come to realize that it was truly a blessing in disguise. I broke some rules, made some mistakes, claimed some successes, and through it all stayed true to myself.

2010 will usher in a wealth of hope and potential. I’ll be reviving life into my Stallion boys, writing like my life depends on it and spinning myself into as many new adventures as I can muster. I will continue to try and live a good and honorable life, enjoying every minute that is given to me. I am letting go of the past and moving forward. And it is all good.

To family, friends, and those just passing by, may you each have a safe, happy, and blessed New Year!

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