Thursday, July 09, 2009


I’m really starting to think that arranged marriages really aren’t a bad thing at all. There was something to parents sitting across a table and negotiating a union between their children. After all, whether they realize it or not, most times we do know best. SIGH

My baby boy has a new gal pal. The girl was sent straight from hell to haunt me. Yes, I said it and I have no earthly intentions of taking it back. Besides, both he and she know perfectly well how I feel about them together. They both know I would much prefer they not be. To say I haven’t bitten my tongue is putting it mildly.

This new friendship brought back memories of my oldest son when he brought his future wife home for us to meet. I didn’t like her either. But back then, he was still my baby too, and there wasn’t any girl that he brought home that I was going to take any kind of shine too. But that future Mrs. Mello had great potential under her rough and much-too-young exterior. That son also had a good head on his shoulders, had always made great choices for himself and I trusted his intuition. Time proved him right and me wrong. She turned out to be the perfect partner for him. Her potential blossomed exponentially and she is truly a magnificent individual. He couldn’t have done better if I had hand-picked her myself!

But this thing with my baby boy is a disaster waiting to implode big time. He trolled this cretin right out of the gutter and she has proven herself so unworthy that it will make for a great book as soon as I can move myself to write it. She comes with so much unpacked baggage that she could start her own luggage line down at the five and dime.

When I first became aware of their connection I didn’t say anything at all, hopeful it would run its course quickly. I also knew that the minute I said I didn’t like her baby boy would dig in his heels and hang on tighter. Time proved me right. It didn’t take a hot minute before Miss Hot-In-The-Pants went running back to her baby-daddy. Then the drama queen kicked her game into high gear, playing both boys like a cheap game of dominos. Since then she’s been bouncing back and forth between the two like a tennis ball in the middle of a Wimbledon match.

Baby boy has been threatened on more than one occasion by her ex-honey and his gun-toting, badge-wearing cronies. This She-Devil has him convinced that the decisions she’s making are to protect him from harm. He’s also afraid of what she’s convinced him the ex-honey will do to her if she doesn’t play these games with the two of them. And through all of this I can’t help but wonder why my child can’t see that he is being used and played like a ten cent banjo? Why doesn’t he know that he deserves better? Why doesn’t he understand that she is making the choices she is making because she wants to and she can, not that there is some unseen force making her? What is possessing him to settle for last year’s trash?

My very special friend pointed out that in matters of the heart folks aren’t always rational. I was happier believing that the boy was simply thinking with his little head and not the one wrapped around his brain. Then I had to acknowledge that for whatever reasons my baby’s heart is caught up in this mess. He actually believes he’s in love. And that single fact makes me even hotter. I see his first real heartbreak primed and ready to happen and it is everything I can do not to pull every single strand of cheaply dyed blond hair out of the little tramp’s oversized head.

I don’t see her sitting across from me at my Thanksgiving table. She won’t be but so safe if I’m in a room with her and I have a knife in my hand. It’s a good thing Thanksgiving is a few months away. With any luck, by the time the holidays get here, she will have moved on to Tom, Dick, or Harry for her entertainment since she seems to have so many issues being without a man in her life. I don’t want to see my son hurt but I will sleep better when Miss Thang moves herself permanently back to the hole she crawled out of and stays there for good.

So, anyone have a daughter with a dowry?


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are not writing about my daughter? (LOL)

Deborah Mello said...

LOL, Girrrllll, I know baby girl isn't driving some boy's mama as crazy as this hoochie is trying to drive me!