Thursday, May 14, 2009


Baby girl is barely fifteen years old. She’s been agonizing all day that she might be pregnant. Either Ben or Bill could be her baby’s daddy. This salacious drama is unfolding amongst her freshman classmates, text messages on Facebook and Twitter raging over the internet. Their little social network has been blowing up the telephone line since second period math class. I’ve been getting the play by play details from the friend of one of the boy’s who might have fathered her child.

I have asked a few times now where her parents are in all this. The last time I asked, the answer left me shaking my head. Seems daddy’s been long gone and mom’s recovering. You don’ t want to know from what.

I’m amazed that all of these kids are so forthcoming with their business. Not a one of them is blinking an eye at baby girl’s predicament. The boys are all in awe of Ben and Bill like the two have actually accomplished something and all baby girl seems most concerned with is whether or not she’s going to be able to get into her prom gown or not.

What in hell is happening to our youth? I’m really thinking sparing that rod and spoiling them kids have done each and every one of them a grand disservice. Personally, I would very much like to find me a really big switch and start wearing out some teen behinds. I swear these kids need to catch a serious clue.

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