Saturday, June 21, 2008


Teenagers have more drama than a four-act Shakespearian stage production. I cannot fathom how they maneuver through each and every day like the world is coming to a complete end because boyfriends aren’t acting right, girlfriends are witches, and life just isn’t being fair to them.

Since the baby boy came home from school there have been too many teenagers streaming in and out of my home. Streaming in and out with drama like you wouldn’t believe. I had gotten use to the peace and quiet so it’s been a bit disconcerting to say the least.

Kids today aren’t like they were back in my day. I’m not sure if their issues are just indicative of our small town environment or not but these kids baffle me. I’m appalled at the lack of work ethic, the sense of entitlement and privilege, and this me-me-me attitude they all seem to possess. Even my own kid is racking my nerves thinking that his rise to adulthood should be about his good time being at mommy’s expense.

This is a generation that thinks gratification must come now or they’re going to miss out on it all together. Life is supposed to be all fun and games and to hell with hard work. Where they get off thinking that what they want should just be handed to them on a silver platter, wrapped up all pretty with a satin bow is beyond my comprehension.

My father made me work. I was eight-years old working weekends and summers in his appliance store cleaning used refrigerators. To this day I still detest the smell of a fridge that’s been turned off for any length of time. By the time I was twelve I could manage an office and staff without blinking an eye. At the age of fifteen I was bidding on government contracts for my godfather’s tool business. We won’t even mention my mother making me learn how to sew, cook, and clean on the side so I could be a good wife someday.

My very special new friend picked cotton in Southern heat as a little boy. By the time he was fifteen he was helping his mother support his younger siblings. We both shake our heads each time our own balk at simple chores but always have a hand out expecting it to be filled.

Most adults know drama. Work, family, and just the basic art of survival would make for an interesting late night movie. These kids today don’t have a clue.


Sunshyne said...

I'm probably included in the generation you're talking about, seeing that I'm only 23, but I feel the same way. I see a clear distinction between my younger siblings and myself when it comes to work and helping my parents out they gripe, complain and expect something in return for their so-called "hard work", yet I do it simple because I know I should. I don't know if it's because growing up I was around my grandparents a lot more than they were but I simple shake my head at their complaints because telling them their wrong is like saying the sky is green. I'm often called an old soul and I truly believe it because instead of thinking and living my life like my generation I think and live like my grandparents, right down to their music!!! But seriously, I can only hope that my generation wakes up and realize that without hard work they will not achieve much.

Deborah Mello said...

Hi Sunshyne,
I know I shouldn't generalize and lump all young people into that group because clearly, much like yourself, there are many out here today more than willing to pull their weight. Sadly though, there are far too many who are't.

Thanks for stopping by.