Monday, October 14, 2013


There's a ghost/spirit in my house. I usually hear her walking around upstairs when I'm writing. Footsteps against the wood floors, doors opening and closing when there is no one there. We had an understanding that if I left her alone, she would leave me alone. But recently something has made her mad as hell and she's been acting out.
On the first day she locked me out of the house. I had made a quick trip down the driveway to collect the mail. I'd left the door wide open but both the front door and the storm door had been locked behind me. I would have blamed my very favorite guy but I had left him in the shower and he was still in the shower as I tried to get back inside.
On the second day I came home to find my favorite rice cooker crushed on the kitchen floor. It somehow managed to "fall" off a shelf it has sat perched on since forever, jumping over the crockpot and past the blender to hit the tile.
On the third day an aerosol can of paint burst in my washroom, its contents spewing through the space. That can, the newest of the bunch, had sat amongst many for longer than I know, nothing and no one bothering it.
Minutes ago I stepped out of the shower. As I dressed I swore I heard someone calling but knew the house was empty and then the sound of shattered glass vibrated from the kitchen. I was scared to look, afraid of what I'd find, but only discovered an over-turned glass, unbroken, in the sink. A sink I'd cleaned out an hour early, not leaving any dirty dishes behind.
She's pissed and she's making sure I know it. Now I'm trying to figure out who done it 'cause I kept my end of the bargain. I'd left her alone.

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