Sunday, May 06, 2012


On Saturday morning I packed a bag and disappeared.  With my favorite guy, a tank of gas, a bag of cheese doodles and a large sweet tea, I plugged my destination into the GPS and pointed the car toward the Carolina coast.  Despite some unexpected rain storms I dipped my toes into the salted sea and was reinvigorated.  I had a great weekend!  It was relaxing, exciting, love-filled, and the adventure completely nourished my spirit.  I'm back home now, the engine still cooling in the car, and I am feelin' DAMN good!

Feelin' Good

Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good

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Gayle Gardner Lin said...

A visit to the Carolina coast would make me feel good too.