Monday, December 27, 2010


So, I started the whole exercise and diet thing a little early. I figured there was no point in waiting until January 2nd to get started since I’m typically done and finished by January 30th. I’m thinking if I switch it up and start a little early, I might be inclined to do good for a little bit longer.

And I’m really not dieting. I’m invoking a “lifestyle change”. Toward that goal I’m determined to make exercise FUN for the New Year because I hate to exercise with a passion. Sweating is only good during really great sex NOT while looking foolish on a treadmill or whatever other gym apparatus I’m inclined to pretend I know how to use.

So, a month or so ago I started taking line dance classes. And I am having an absolute blast! I am whole-heartedly uncoordinated, have strained muscles that I have no business using, and have laughed until my stomach has hurt. The instructor, a delightful woman named Leigh, is incredible! She has slowly maneuvered my two left feet into a left foot and a right one and I actually know which to move when. I am taking my Electric Slide obsession to a whole other level!

I’ve been inviting family and friends to join and come have fun with me because it has just been the best time. The dance class is supported by a wonderful group called the Bull City Sliders. They are all incredibly talented dancers, totally helpful to all us newbies, and fun to watch. They showcased this particular dance number (see YouTube video below) at the Southeast’s largest line dance party this past July and they’re already in the studio prepping for the 2011 event which will be held in Atlanta.

Next on my list is pole dancing. That's right. I'm going to learn how to work me a pole!! Then I'm gonna buy one (a pole, that is) for the house and I might be inclined to take my newly acquired skills to the club if I get real good! Those classes start in January. I figure there is no point in wasting the assets God blessed me with. By the end of the 2011 year I’m determined to step it, drop it, swing it, twist it, and have me one hell of a good time while I do.

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