Monday, December 31, 2007


This year flew by. I can’t believe just how fast it got away from me but the 2007 year is waving a hearty goodbye as Baby New Year is readying himself to take over. This definitely wasn’t one of my best years so I can’t say that I’m sad to see it go. In fact, I’m so ready to see it long gone that I will be welcoming in 2008 with bells on.

I took a quick minute to reflect back on my resolutions from last year. Clearly I was on some serious drugs when I even imagined myself attempting to keep them. I think I took wishful thinking to an all-time high. The only resolution that I remotely kept for the entire year was not sweating the small stuff and that’s probably because I didn’t have much small stuff to angst over. My pot of big stuff however over flowed frequently this past year.

For 2008 I’m going to fall back on old people wisdom and just let life do what it’s going to do.

I’m not going to promise to diet and exercise. Like my granny said, “Girl, you might be big but you’re healthy. Now have another slice of pie and be happy. Someone, somewhere, loves a woman with a butt and thighs!”

I will not angst over my divorce. To paraphrase Tina Turner and the lyrics to What’s Love Got To Do With It?, I’m thinking about my own protection.

I’m not going to worry about relationships in general. A friend of a friend said, “The right man at the wrong time is still the wrong man.” I imagine things will be sweet when and if they’re supposed to happen.

Mr. Ben told me that "if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it". I’ll apply that to life it general and live it as fully and as completely as I can.

Mr. Ben also said, "SMILE. It’s good for your face." I plan to smile and laugh as much as I possibly can.

As for the rest of it, who knows. Like Ray Charles told us. “It’s gonna do what it do, baby!” So I’m just going to let it.

Have a safe and blessed New Year!

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