Sunday, July 16, 2006


I was three-years-old when this picture was taken and I was NOT a happy camper. Not only didn’t I want to be where I was (inside the house), but I wanted my pink pants and my white shirt and I wanted to be outside. This picture is the aftermath of that battle, shortly after my mother had popped me in my mouth for saying a bad word. Daddy said it all the time so how was I to know there was something wrong with it. In fact, I recall having said it before and a few of the family members laughing at how “cute” it was. Being cute with Mommy got me a busted lip. Go figure. What I love most about this picture is my attitude. That bad word is just seeping out my eyes. Mommy may have won that battle, but she didn’t stand a rat’s chance in hell of winning the war.

I still have much of that attitude but my battles have changed over the years. In fact, there is a whole different kind of fight inside me now. I challenge myself now instead of challenging others. Blogging is my next challenge and I’m certain it’s going to be an interesting one. I don’t yet have a clue where this will go or even if it will go anywhere at all. But I’m excited about it, anxious to do something new. As a little girl I always kept a diary, one with a pretty floral cover and a gold lock that had its own key. Then I transitioned to journalizing into those bound, black and white composition books. Blogging will take my journalizing to a whole other dimension. It will also challenge me to write, to keep writing, and after a very lengthy spell of writer’s block, it’s a challenge I desperately need.

So, welcome to my blog site. I’m sure it’s going to be one hell of a ride!


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah,

After reading your blog it definitely brought a smile to my face. I remembered doing the same thing and getting the same result as you did. I will definitely be adding your blog to my list of favorites.


Deborah Mello said...

Thanks, Tiffany!