Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I swear, researching a new book takes me to some of the most interesting places...

This is a sex toy, but most folks recognize the infamous Wascally Rabbit...although I swear if you come at Miss Kitty with that thing you might get an eye scratched out. Why does it need all those 'things' on it? What do they do? Where do they go? And why does it need attachments?

And this is a sex toy. It boasts extraordinary, simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Now, I got how this baby works but can real women actually bend thusly? And this is a sex toy too, ...
something for those who prefer a more contemporary flair in the boudoir. Don't ask 'cause I don't want to know.

And let’s not forget that special something for the man in your life, who you probably might want to reconsider having as your man if he's excited to stick this where I think it's supposed to go.... And why the handles? I mean, really, if it gets lost I can't imagine anyone wanting to go searching for it.

Then of course you have your multipurpose pleasure product that can be used hot, or cold, dependent on where you choose to play with it. How you're supposed to play with it is another story all together. I would hope it comes with instructions 'cause it sure looks too easy to just figure out on your own.

And my personal favorite, the sex toy that actually plugs into your IPod and vibrates to the music of your choice.
Now, can you just imagine a heavy metal moment....it gives a whole other meaning to droppin' it like it's hot!

Clearly, creative use of external devices in the bedroom has gone beyond high tech and creative.

Strangely, all I keep thinking is:

How do you...?

Why would you...? and,

Damn, are you sure that’s not going to hurt something I may need later on in life?

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