Sunday, June 24, 2007


No one understood that it was a man who beat down her spirit. They just knew the women in her family rarely smiled, never laughed, eyes forever cast down at dirt for no apparent reason whatsoever. No one knew the bitter storms each was made to weather. No one understood that it was a man who made them feel unloved and unwanted, wishing for the one day when life could change and things could be different and better. No one had a clue how they suffered under that same man’s hands.

No one realized that change would only come when a boy did the unthinkable, leaving that man to die in his own blood so that a little girl and a woman would know different and better. No one understood that a young boy would bring them salvation from a man with no heart and little concern for a wife and daughter’s well being. Folks would discover the truth only when a boy shot his daddy dead.

She smiles now and laughs. Her face shines full and bright with hope and joy. Her eyes, a deep shade of blue-black can be seen for the very first time. But all folks really see is the sister of a brother who shot their daddy dead.

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