Friday, May 04, 2007


Quit bitching! No one said life was going to be a piece of cake. There were no promises that everyone was going to love you or even like you so stop boo-hooing when they don’t. Life’s too precious and just too damn short to sit around bemoaning the fact that stuff ain’t going your way. It ain’t going my way either but I’ve chosen to focus on what does work rather than what doesn’t.

Since there’s no shortage of advice out here to help you be better, live better, try harder, and do more, take some of that advice and put it to use. You’re responsible for you. There is no one else out here responsible for you and your happiness. So, get over yourself. You’re the only one dancing at your pity party and your reality is that no one else is really interested in partying with you.

You blame every wrong thing in your life on your sex, your race, your weight, your job, your education, or whatever else floats your boat at the moment but bottom line the blame lies totally with your attitude. Negativity breeds negativity. I’m not down with your program if your program is only going to make me feel bad about everything and about nothing. Tap dance on that stage all by your lonesome.

Since no one else will say it, I will. Your attitude sucks. You’re miserable and you’re making everyone else around you miserable as well. Be angry if you need to be but don’t get an attitude if the rest of us don’t want to be miserable and angry with you. We all have our own drama and issues to deal with. We don’t have time for yours.

So, you can make a choice to live well and be better, or not, but ultimately you’re the only one who can make that decision for you.

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