Thursday, May 24, 2007


I’m not gonna lie. I love me some reality TV and every one of my shows seems to be in finale mode this week. The little speed skater guy took the crown on Dancing with the Stars but can’t a soul fault Miss Laila Ali for her stellar performances. Girlfriend was dropping it like it was hot, burnt, and overcooked the way she shook and shimmied the goods God gave her on that dance floor. I’m ready to climb into the ring and take up boxing if I can get my curves to look half as good as her curves.

Then of course there was the American Idol spectacular tonight. Jordin Sparks took the crown and I collected on my bets. I’ve been saying from day one that folks shouldn’t underestimate that young lady. She was a fast learner, growing every week until she found her comfort zone, then she truly let loose with her vocals. That infectious smile and the fact that she appears very comfortable and confident with her not-a size-two frame made her a standout for me. She was just cute as a button! I also loved the fact that Jordin believes she was raised in a “normal” family with her mom, dad, and baby brother because y’all know don’t everybody see nothing normal about her very white mother and very black father being in a long term, loving relationship.

I did however get the rest of the voting off wrong. I would have laid dollar to a dime that Jordin and Melinda Doolittle would have battled it out in the finale and we won’t even start on Sanjaya. I do however predict an extraordinary career for Melinda. The woman is exceptionally talented and I have no doubts that she will go far. I’m less confident about Lakisha Jones though. She’s a talented woman but she doesn’t fit the American ideal of black beauty and we all know how America feels about its’ ideal. I do however see her enjoying her fifteen minutes like Jennifer Hudson and I personally hope she has me eating my words sometime in the future.

Was it me or did American Idol snub Ms. Hudson tonight? Not a mention of her accomplishments as Clive Davis was singing praises for all the other idol successes. And every time the camera panned in her direction, girlfriend did not look happy. Me wonders if her recent comments about what Idol did and didn’t do for her didn’t garner some backlash.

I was about ready to have a fit thinking they’d snubbed Ruben Studdard as well and then he brought his cute self on stage and sang. Voice is still as smooth as a fine cognac with his teddy bear self. And he wore a suit. Brother looked like he was ready to come out of that suit too, but he sure ‘nuff looked good!

And for the record, I’m not buying that Paula tripped on a Tulip, dog or no dog. I’ve tripped on my mutt many a dark night sneaking into a room, and out, and I ain’t never broke my nose. Cracked a lamp once but the body parts remained intact. Paula need to change her brand of wacky weed ‘cause the stuff she’s smokin’ now ain’t doin’ her any good.

Idol’s back in January. Until then I’ll enjoy the third season of Hell’s Kitchen with maniac Gordon Ramsey. The man is crazy but he cooks a mean Italian squash ravioli with caramelised hazelnuts and fresh parmesan. Then there’s HGTV’s Design Star 2 ‘cause I love me some home decorating and of course, Run’s House, just because. And of course I can’t forget the Real World Las Vegas Reunion...don’t ask.


Tiffany said...


You are not alone I love reality t.v. I am glad that Jordin won American Idol and I also believed that Melinda and Jordin would be in the finale. I am also going to take a look at the Real World Las Vegas just to see if they are still crazy as when they were on there five years ago ;) Thanks for reminding me about Design Star 2, I loved the first season.


LaShaunda said...

Hi Deborah,

Stopped by for a quick visit and received a movie suggestion and few laughs.

I believe Melinda will do well, the record companies have to be crazy not to pick her up.

I enjoyed Hell’s Kitchen, I just might check them out this summer.

I will miss Katherine, I’m still a little numb. Life is too short.

Take care.

Deborah Mello said...

Hey, Tiffany. I'm all ready for the fireworks in Vegas. I have no doubts that five years did absolutely nothing to mature any of them.

Good to see you, LaShaunda! Hope all's well on your end. Katherine will definitely be missed. Please come back to visit soon!