Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I hate having those knee-deep conversations where the truth leaves you feeling out of sorts. I had one of those recently where I had to admit that my delusions of grandeur weren’t necessarily everyone else's delusions. In fact, it became clear rather quickly that the other party was in no way thinking along the same lines as I was. It was one of those moments where I walked away trying to figure out exactly where I’d taken my wrong turn and how I could have been so blind. One minute I was like a helium balloon waving high up in the sky and just like that I was deflating fast.

Despite my feeling a little discombobulated I understand that no matter what the situation or the relationship, when there is one ounce of doubt, that’s a big red flag that needs to be addressed. If you’re confused and unsure, trust that there’s some little voice sitting on your shoulder whose advice you might need to heed.

In my case, intuition is screaming loud and clear that I need to take a big step back to give other people the space they need to reassess their position and commitment. Now, I fully admit to not wanting to do that. I’m more than ready to forge ahead and let things be however they intend to be. But I also understand that not everything is about me or what I want. In my case, my walking away may very well be in the best interest of folks I care about and that in and of itself is enough for me to do what I may have to do.

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