Thursday, May 24, 2007


I breathe him in, the air between us our only link for the moment. I crave his touch and tell him so with my eyes, a gentle caress that flutters along the length of lashes I bat in his direction. He only smiles, saying nothing and saying everything in the look he gives me back. But his arms remain tight to his sides, not a finger reaching in my direction as I long to be held. Laughter teases the curve of his lips and I remember the touch of my mouth against his, the warmth of his kiss sustaining and joyous. I can’t help but wonder if he can see what I feel and cannot say, if he knows the words that line my heart and warm my soul. But it is not the time or the place to be held and touched, the moment far from perfect. But perfection is the scent of him that warms my spirit and nourishes my soul and gives me reason to believe that in the end it will all be well worth the wait and so I breathe him in. I breathe him in, inhaling love that lingers like life in the air that links us. I breathe him in because for the moment, it’s all I can have.

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