Sunday, June 21, 2009


It became necessary to step out of my normal routine to reassess and regroup. I have a major deadline looming and two books due which are in varying stages of completion. Neither is even remotely close to being where they should be but I’ve been distracted.

Being distracted had begun to cause me some angst and so I took off to my happy place to spend some quality alone time.

Taking time to linger and listen to my inner voice allowed me to find some clarity. Clarity allowed me to answer some hard questions and make some serious decisions. Then I went back to writing, the words flowing faster than I could capture them on paper.

Sometimes, taking a step back from well-meaning friends and family can prove to be invaluable. Not everyone knows best. Nor do they always know everything. Frequently, other people’s personal whims and wishes can get all up in your way. That’s why I cut off my cell phone, slipped quietly out of town, and gave myself some much needed breathing room.

It’s all good. I’m even better. And I am writing.

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Anonymous said...

It is good to have that spunky Deb back :)