Friday, June 19, 2009


As we head into Father’s Day weekend I want to acknowledge all the incredible men who are doing it right. I was raised by a wonderful man. My father, from the moment of my conception, was a true, hands-on, strict, loving and attentive father. I was the girl child who gave him hell from the get-go but he never let me forget how much I was loved. My daddy set a standard that few men have been able to meet. (That’s why my baby sister is still single, but you didn’t hear that from me!) It’s also why I am so particular about the men I will open up my heart to. I’m sorry to say that wasn’t always the case, but the lessons have since been learned and learned well.

My very special friend is an amazing father. The oldest son of six children, he stepped up to the plate to help his mother with his younger siblings before he had barely reached adulthood himself. His own son can never deny how magnificent a father he has been. The bond and relationship between the two is testament to just how exceptional a parent this man has been.

I recently met another father, a very sweet man, doing everything in his power to insure his baby boy will be a productive member of society with a good, kind, and loving spirit. He got it right with his older sons. I have no doubt that he will get it right with the youngest.

My dear sweet friend, Mr. Ben, reminded me the other day that he hadn’t always been a good father. “But I’m still workin’ on it!” he said, winking an eye in his son’s direction. Number One Son repaid the gesture with a thumbs up and a wide smile. Later, he filled me in on a secret. “My father is priceless,” he said, fighting to contain a tear.

I had to agree. And I had to thank God for every father who is.

May each of you DADS have a safe, blessed and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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