Monday, August 06, 2007


Okay, Jayne asked the question and I promised her an answer. What happened to the chocolate martini post?

Since I started posting I have written and posted exactly two posts that I subsequently deleted. They were deleted for very different and very similar reasons. The martini post was one I deleted.

Everything I write about is founded in some element of truth. Some of it mine. Some of it other people’s. And sometimes I have to be reminded that what I write might actually touch a nerve and cause someone I care about hurt. The chocolate martini post was one such post. There was a salon saga story that was the other.

Most of my family and friends know that I will twist enough of their stories and tales to move them past the point of fact into the realm of fiction. It’s what I do well. On rare occasions though the party being written about can’t get past the fact to actually enjoy the fiction. With the first salon post, the person called and asked me to remove the post, fearing that her ex might read it. It seems she’d sent him the link to my blog site and he’d been keeping up with my writings. She was afraid he’d recognize himself in my story. I personally didn’t think him swift enough to catch a clue. But I respected the request and I adore my friend. I deleted the second after some deep and thoughtful reflection. I understood after writing it that it was too close to home and would have incited discussion I wasn’t ready to have yet with the person I was writing about. I deleted it because I was afraid of the consequences that it might have incited.

My first deletion was truly altruistic. My second was cowardly. So much for chocolate martinis.

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Melissa Blue said...

Have to agree sometimes we forget that other people do read our blogs and may not be happy with what we write.