Thursday, August 16, 2007


Jenna is seriously rethinking her new relationship. It feels good. Too good. So much good that she’s wondering if she might be in over her head. She knows herself well. She knows that she has a tendency to disregard the not so good when the good is feeling close to perfect. In fact, she ignores those feelings that should be raising red flags of concern. The feeling good feels better so why bother with what doesn’t feel right?

Jenna doesn’t deny that she’s been here, in this place before. Ignoring the bad feelings left her devastated when the rose-colored glasses finally came off and she could see her past relationship for what it was and not just what she wanted it to be. So now she’s doing some serious thinking but the answers aren’t coming the way she’d like. They aren’t coming because there’s just too darn much feeling good getting in the way.

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