Monday, July 02, 2007


I’m acquainted with a couple who appear to have an incredibly amazing relationship. Watching them interact is like being at a ballet. They move in perfect sync with each other, balancing themselves nicely and you can almost see this symphony of violins and flutes playing like some gossamer veil around them. Their perfection appears almost too perfect to be believed but that is all anyone ever sees when they are together, or apart. I jokingly asked her what was their secret, curious to know what it was that made them gel so beautifully together. It was clear that she’d never really given it any thought as she stood pondering my question, searching their history to find the answer. And then she said, “timing”.

An interesting discussion followed where she expressed how she thought timing can make or break a relationship. And apparently the duo have been able to keep step with one another more times than not. She felt that saying that right thing at the wrong moment, or being in the wrong place with the right person impacts whether or not a couple can find love or keep love. When balance is off but you can still find and share peace and quiet with each other is also key. She said that it’s knowing when you’re needed without being told, being hugged when you didn’t even know it was touch that you craved or hearing your thoughts voiced when you couldn’t find the words for yourself that cement a journey two people want to share. It was obvious from our talk that she is very much a romantic and I’m inclined to believe that he is as well.

She and he dance beautifully together. Their movement together is classic, the duo moving much like dancers Alvin Ailey and Judith Jamison. They cast a spell of sorts when they are in a room together, touching those of us who watch them. Theirs is a total performance of understanding, knowing when to dip and when to twirl, both leading when it is their turn. Theirs is an enviable relationship, making others wish that our own timing could be as perfect.


Anonymous said...

This post is interesting because it brings to mind something that happened to me a few years back. A guy I'd known all my life, and I mean this man was beauty personified, and pure player, we dated for a while - but his inability to be faithful was not something I could handle. A few years ago he married a woman of average looks and disposition, and so different from him I could not for the life of me understand the attraction. But they seemed to work. When I asked him why out of all the women he'd known he chose to marry this one, know what his answer was? "It was time."

Deborah Mello said...

I actually heard a man voice something similar today. He was asked why he hadn't settled down yet, and his response was that it wasnt' the "right time".

Thanks for posting!