Monday, July 23, 2007


My very best friend in the whole wide world married the love of her life this weekend and I’m just now getting back from the chapel. I’ve been to one or two incredible weddings before, but this wedding was truly the most spectacular affair that I have ever had the blessing of being a part of.

The ceremony and reception were held on the grounds of Brookgreen Gardens which is located between Myrtle Beach and Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Brookgreen Gardens is described as the floral jewel of South Carolina’s coastal community, and it’s a magnificent non-profit organization committed to preserving the native flora and fauna. Originally, Brookgreen Gardens was four separate plantations. It’s now a nature preserve of some 10,000 acres of land. It was America’s first public sculpture garden and the collection now contains well over 900 works spanning the entire period of American sculpture -- from the early 1800s to the present. This place is absolutely incredible, so much so that I couldn’t help but think that everything there in Brookgreen Gardens was personally touched by God himself. I was just in awe of it’s splendor.

She was an extraordinarily beautiful bride in a very pretty gown. What was most striking though was the glow that filled her face. As she walked across the perfectly manicured lawn towards her groom, there was this fantastical light that gleaned in her eyes. I saw tears spill over the groom’s face and it was in that moment I felt that there could not have been a more perfect moment for them both.

It was a small gathering of thirty family members and it was the most love-filled event imaginable. The ceremony was held on the Jessamine Pond Overlook. The reception followed in the M. Russell Holliday Cottage where the festivities started in the private garden with a cocktail hour and concluded with the most delectable dinner imaginable.

Amy the wedding planner was heaven sent. There was no detail left untouched. From the flutes of water and lemonade that welcomed the guests into the gardens to the floral designs that graced the cottage interior, this woman created a masterpiece of bridal bliss and wonder. But God added the final touches: a sun-kissed day, the sweet chirping of the birds, the perfect breeze over crystal clear water, friends and family that journeyed from near and far, and an expanse of love like nothing ever experienced that touched us all.

My sincerest wishes for a bright and prosperous future to the newly wedded, Mr. James Gregory Graves and Mrs. Angela Thomas Graves.

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Goodsinthehouse said...

Hi! I am now planning a wedding and reception at Brookgreen Gardens and I stumbled on your page by way of Google. This sounds like the exact type of event I am looking for and I'd love any more info you might have. Like the contact info for Amy? And just anything else you can clarify about the could the ceremony AND the reception have happened on site at the Holliday Cottage?
Obviously I'm just starting the research process so anything you might be able to add would be great!
Thanks for anything
Tom J